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Pre-Kindergarten Immunization Assessment Instructions

This page describes how to sort each child into a category at the time of online reporting (not to be used for initial screening for admission).  Information for this report must be obtained from the California School Immunization Record (Blue Card-CDPH286 | PDF) or equivalent record.

Reporting Tools:

1. Review each child’s Blue Card

Determine the immunization status for each child individually, by placing each Blue Card into its appropriate pile based on child's status, starting with either:  

  • 6 group piles: “All Required Vaccine Doses,” “PME,” “Other,” “Conditional,” “TME" or “Overdue” or
  • 2 group piles: “All Required Vaccine Doses” and “Missing Doses.” Then sort children with “Missing Doses” into their 5 separate piles: “PME,” “Other,” “Conditional,” “TME”or “Overdue”

Only report for children who are preschool aged: 2–5 years

Pre kindergarten Immunization record

Use the worksheet to list each student and mark their reporting status at the time of reporting. Most students have “All Required Vaccine Doses.” Students in the “Missing Doses” pile should be missing one or more required immunizations. 

Place each student in one of the categories below:
Only report for children who are preschool aged: 2–5 years

Unconditional Admission:

Requirements Met

Has All Required Vaccine Doses

  • These children received all required doses according to the Pre-Kindergarten Guide (PDF). Their Blue Cards should also have a check in the “Has All Required Vaccine Doses” column under the “Status of Requirements” section.
  • Do not include students who have proof of disease for chickenpox. Please see criteria for permanent medical exemptions.​

Requirements Met, But Missing Doses

PME- Permanent Medical Exemption

Issued on or after January 2021:

  • These children submitted a Permanent Medical Exemption (PME) issued in CAIR-ME for one or more required vaccines (including history of chickenpox disease) and records for all other required vaccines. If you have a child in this category, sign up for access to CAIR-ME by emailing  ​

Issued before January 2021:
  • These children submitted a licensed physician's written statement of a Permanent Medical Exemption (PME) for one or more required vaccines and records for all other required vaccines (17 CCR section 6051). ​

Other: IEP Services

  • These children access special education or related services required by their individualized education program (IEP). Only use this reporting category when a child does NOT fit into any other category.​

Conditional Admission, Needs Follow-up:

Conditional – Missing Doses Not Currently Due

  • These children started receiving doses of all required vaccines but are NOT currently due for any doses at the time of reporting according to the Conditional Admission Schedule (PDF) in the Pre-Kindergarten Guide (PDF).
  • No longer includes homeless and foster students who are awaiting records at time of reporting. Please see Overdue.​

TME- Temporary Medical Exemption​

  • These children submitted a Temporary Medical Exemption (TME) issued in CAIR-ME for one or more vaccines and have submitted records for all other required vaccines. If you have a child in this category, sign up for access to CAIR-ME by emailing

Requirements Not Met, Missing Doses, Needs Follow-up:

Overdue- Needs Doses Now

  • These children have missing doses that are overdue. The deadline listed in the “EXCLUDE IF NOT GIVEN BY” column of Conditional Admission Schedule (PDF)​ has passed. These children must not attend school until they receive their overdue doses.
  • Homeless and foster students are allowed to enroll without records. Include them here if they are in the process of meeting requirements or waiting for records. If children do not have records, count them as missing all doses.​

2. Tally each child’s Reporting Status on the Worksheet

On the Worksheet…

  • List each student and check the designated box of their status.
  • For students missing any doses, tally which vaccine(s) are missing.
    • If the student is not missing any vaccine(s) leave the vaccines missing blank.

Missing Doses by Vaccine:  

  • Count the total of all children “Missing Doses” who do not have “All Required Vaccine Doses.”
  • List each student missing any doses and check the designated box of their reporting status.
  • Tally which vaccine(s) are missing. If the student is not missing any vaccine(s) leave the worksheet blank.
  • Total the columns for the number of children in each reporting category and total number of children missing each vaccine. The total must be equal the total enrollment since each child is only in one group.
    • The total number of students missing polio, DTaP, MMR, Hep B, Varicella or Hib vaccine must not exceed the number of children missing immunizations for any reason.
    • In the example below, 4 students are missing doses. Each individual vaccine missing (Polio, DTaP, MMR, Hep B, Varicella, Hib) can only total up to 4.

Pre kindergarten chart

Retain the worksheet for your records in case of audit and as a roster of students who do not meet all immunization requirements in the event of an outbreak.

Note for children meeting criteria of multiple categories:

  • If a student has an exemption and is also a conditional entrant, please report the student as having the exemption only.
  • Only place a child in “Other” if they do not fit in any other category. 
  • Email with re​​porting questions or challenging cases.

3. Submit Report through the CAIR Hub 

cair hub homepage

  • First, you will need to register for a CAIR Hub account and set up a user profile. (If you already have access to SCRL, use the same login information.) ​
  • Once registered, you will be able to log in and see the Immunization Reporting application on your dashboard.
  • Click on the “Start Reporting” button. Schools may already be assigned to you. You can add or remove assigned schools as needed that you will be reporting on.
  • Once you click on the facility you will be reporting on, confirm your
    • School Information and Contact Information​
  • Then, fill out all required fields to complete the reporting form using totals from your worksheet(s).
  • If your facility is closed or does not have students for the applicable ages, please report your facility’s closure or lack of students.
  • Finally, click on the Submit Pre-k/Child Care Report button.
    • Changes can be made up until reporting closes. Log in again and select your school/facility. Click on the submitted report you would like to edit. Make any corrections or modifications based on changes in a student's status and re-submit the report.
Example report: pre kindergarten and child care report

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