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MDL Form WGSR - Whole Genome Sequencing Test Request

Electronic Submittal Form Instructions

Use Lab Form WGSR - Whole Genome Sequencing Test Request for submission of isolates for Whole Genome Sequencing. Use the following steps to enter information for the submission of each specimen.

NOTE: We are unable to process samples with inadequate information.

1. On page one, under “Select Test Requisition”, use the pull-down menu to select Lab Form “Whole Genome Sequencing Test Request-WGSR”. Provide all necessary information on page 1. For directions on how to fill out the fields on page 1, please refer to the “General Specimen Submission Page 1 Instructions” document.

2. For WGSR – Whole Genome Sequencing Test Request form, it is REQUIRED that the following fields be filled in:
2.1. Field 34 (Material Submitted).
2.2. Field 37 (Source).
2.3. Field 39 (Test(s) Requested).
2.4. Field 40 (Submitter’s identification of Organisms).

3. Follow the instructions below to provide additional information on page 2 “Whole Genome Sequencing Test Request- WGSR - Additional Information":
3.1. In the box “Test requested”, select the test requested (e.g. Primary analysis and Secondary analysis). If the test is requested by epidemiologists, please provide your name in the “Requested by” space and provide your e-mail address as well so that reports can be sent. Please consult with Core lab staff if you face difficulty in selecting the tests.
3.2. In the box “Sample Type”, please check the option “Bacterial pure culture on solid media”. We only accept pure cultures or isolates at present. Please consult with Core lab staff if you wish to submit “Bacterial DNA”.
3.3. If you are submitting multiple samples which belong to same species and are requesting for phylogenetic tree analysis, please select “Batch Analysis”.
4. Print the completed Lab Form WGSR front to back. The document is formatted for 2-sided printing.

5. Packaging and shipping: The submitter is responsible for making sure that all samples are packaged and shipped according to the current federal and state packaging and shipping regulations for “Infectious substance, Category A” and/or “Biological substance, Category B”.

6. Additional considerations when submitting samples:
6.1. Culture isolate should be pure.
6.2. Use a tubed solid agar medium that supports good growth of the organisms. Do not submit cultures on plated agar media.
6.3. Label sample tube with at least two identifiers (i.e. the patient’s name, submitter lab number, date of birth) and the date inoculated.
6.4. Do not submit Enterobacteriaceae on TSI slants. The preferred medium is without carbohydrates.
6.5. For safety, all submitted culture tubes must have a tightened screw cap secured in place using tape.
6.6. Before shipment, insert the completed Lab Form WGSR and all attachments between the inner and outer shipping containers.
6.7. Follow all other submission guidelines as described in the “General Specimen Submission Instructions” and guides located on the MDL Services and Test Catalog website
6.8. If you have any questions regarding sample submission, call the MDL for guidance – 510-412-3700.
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