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Tools for Child​ Care and Preschool Staff 

How to Implement Immunization Requirements: 

  1. Notify parents of required immunizations and collect immunization records. See Parents' Guide to Immunizations Required for Pre-Kindergarten (Child Care) (also in Spanish) (PDF). 

  2. Complete the blue California Pre-Kindergarten and School Immunization Record (CSIR/Blue Card/CDPH286)(PDF), or equivalent record, by transferring vaccine dates from the child's personal immunization record. Blue Cards are available free from local health departments

  3. Determine if requirements are met by comparing the dates on the Blue Card to the  Guide to Immunization Requirements for Pre-Kindergarten (Child Care) | Spanish​ | Chinese (PDF) 
    You may also find the wind​ows for immunization​(PDF, 3.0MB​) (also in Spanish and Chinese) (PDF, 3.2MB) tool helpful. 

  4. If requirements are not met, you may refer parents to their doctor with a Letter to Parents: Immunizations Needed | Spanish | Arabic | Farsi |Ukrainian​ | Vietnamese| Chinese. (PDF)
    If a child is too young to receive required immunizations, they may be admitted conditionally

  5. Keep a completed Blue Card, or equivalent record, on file for every child enrolled. 

  6. If you discover an admitted child is overdue for required immunizations, notify the parents​ (PDF)​ and allow no more than 10 school days to receive the required vaccine(s) or a medical exemption.  After the deadline, you must exclude the child from further attendance until the child comes into compliance with the requirements​

  7. Every fall, submit Immunization Assessment Reports

  8. Report contagious diseases (PDF) to your local health department 


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