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Contact Tracing FAQs



​Will contact tracers track my location?

​California’s contact tracing program does not use any cell phone tracking technology such as phone apps or chips. Your local public health official will speak privately with you and any information shared is confidential. We may contact you occasionally to make sure your symptoms aren’t worsening. For more information, visit the Contact Tracing Resource

​I don’t answer unknown numbers. How will I know that I am speaking to the department of public health?

​Your CA COVID Team will be calling from your local health department. For your protection, remember we would only ask questions related to COVID-19 and slowing the spread. Contact tracers will not ask for financial information, social security numbers, or immigration status. For more information, visit the Contact Tracing Resource

​How will you protect my privacy?

​Confidentiality of your identity and health information is of the utmost importance. Your name will never be shared with anyone you refer to us and their privacy will be protected as well. Privacy encourages participation and helps us protect more people. Together, we can prevent the spread. For more information,  visit the Contact Tracing Resource

​How can I apply or volunteer to become a Contact Tracer?


​Thank you for expressing interest in joining California Connected as a Contact Tracer with the California Department of Public Health (CDPH).  At this time, CDPH is not hiring for new positions, but will utilize existing resources and redirect state employees to begin efforts with contact tracing. You are welcome to check back in with us in a few weeks for any updates.  In addition, you may also want to check with your local health department about local opportunities.

​My company has expertise or resources to assist with contact tracing.  Who should I contact?

​Thank you for wanting to share your expertise and resources! In the first phase of California Connected, California’s contact tracing program, the state will utilize existing resources and redirect state employees to begin efforts with contact tracing. Thanks again for your willingness to help California. 

For more information about contact tracing, please visit the Governor's Office Contact Tracing webpage.
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