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 Snowflake Job Aid                                        CAIR Logo

To login to Snowflake, please visit the Snowflake login website.

  1.  Once you have received an invite from the CDPH directory for collaboration, you’ll be able to login with your organization’s user details. 

    picture of email to accept login invitation

  2.  Simply click the “Sign in using AzureAD” option.
    picture of login screen for Snowflake

  3.  If you have more than one logged in account, you’ll see a prompt like below. Be sure to use the email address you received the invite to.
    picture showing microsoft screen to pick an account

  4.  Click the arrow in the far-right corner to set the defaults.
    picture of Snowflake screen

  5.  Make the following selections:

    1. Role = COUNTY_LHD_ROLE (Selection might vary) 
    1. Warehouse = CAIR2_VWH (Selection might vary) 
    1. Database = CA_VACCINE 
    1. Schema = PUBLIC

    picture of snowflake screen to select role

  6.  Select the Worksheets page picture showing to select the worksheets page

  7.  In the left panel, you will see “CA_VACCINE” in the object browser, click to expand. Then click the schema “PUBLIC” and click “Views”. 
    picture showing how to select the schema

  8.  Scroll down and locate the view “VW_ALL_IIS_LHJ”. 
    picture showing how to select the view

  9.  Click on it and wait for ellipse to appear and select “Preview Data”. 
    picture showing how to select the preview data option

  10.  Return to SQL editor and type “select top 10 * from “. 

  11.  Double click the “VW_ALL_IIS_LHJ” in the left panel for the table to appear in the SQL editor. 
    picture showing the SQL editor screen

  12.  Click the “Run” button. 

  13. Click the “download icon” button. picture showing location of the download icon

  14.  Select File Format as “CSV” and click the “Export” button. 
    picture showing to select CSV for export results

  15.  File will begin to download. 
    picture showing the downloaded file

  16.  Click to open the file and save where you need it. 

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