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healthcare-associated (hai) program

Conducting Onsite Infection Prevention & Control (IPC) Assessment

IPC assessments are a vital part of the prevention of and/or response to outbreaks at Healthcare Facilities (HCF). Onsite IPC assessments are typically completed by an Infection Preventionist (IP); however, other personnel who have been trained on current and best IPC practices may also conduct an assessment. Visual observation is the optimal way to identify gaps in IPC practices, possible causation(s) for an outbreak, and/or systemic issues that need to be addressed. This page should be used as a resource for personnel who perform onsite IPC assessments. 
Phases of IPC Assessments; Planning, Introduction, Observation, Adherece Monitoring and Feedback

Resources for Onsite Assessments

The resources below are applicable to ALL types of assessments. We encourage you to explore the entirety of the standardized questionnaires and resources provided by the California Department of Public Health (CDPH).  We also added other various/relevant information, which has been made available through our various partnerships: ​
Magnification of healthcare issues

Learn How to Conduct an Onsite IPC Assessment
  • ​CDPH How to Conduct an Onsite IPC Assessment (PDF)(Coming Soon)​
  • CDPH Checklist on How to Conduct an Onsite IPC Assessment (PDF) (Coming Soon)
  • CDPH Onsite IPC Assessment Competency Tool (PDF) (Coming Soon)

Obtaining Knowledge Regarding Core IPC Practices
Complete Standardized Questionnaires to Assess the Infrastructure of an HCF
Assess Health Care Provider’s Adherence to Healthcare Practices

Resources for Specific Types of Onsite IPC Assessments

In addition to the general resources listed above, there are other guidelines and resources specific to various pathogens and/or healthcare settings. The individual planning to complete an assessment should possess a good understanding of current and best IPC practices, which will facilitate the identification of gaps in practice. The resources listed below will help you to prepare for an onsite IPC assessment. These resources are divided into three areas to simplify and organize the information:
  • Non-Antimicrobial Resistance (Non-AR): This refers to pathogens/germs that are not resistant to antimicrobials/antibiotics.
  • Antimicrobial Resistance (AR): This refers to pathogens/germs (bacteria, fungi) that develop the ability to defeat the antibiotics designed to kill them. 
  • Specialty Care Settings: Healthcare settings that have additional guidelines tailored to their specific needs.  ​
​​​Map of pathogens

​Learn More About Completing Onsite Assessments for Non-AR Pathogens (Prevention or Outbreak Control)  

Viral Respiratory Illness



Healthcare-Associated Clusters

Skin-Related Infections

Petri Dish with gloved hand

​Learn More About Completing Onsite Assessments for AR Pathogens (Prevention or Outbreak Control)

​​Outpatient facility sign

​Learn More About Completing Onsite Assessments for Specialty Care Healthcare Settings

Outpatient Settings 

Outpatient Surgical Settings

Dental Settings


​Neonatal ICU (TO DO)

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