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COVID-19 Publications

"COVID-19 Outbreaks and Mortality Among Public Transportation Workers — California, January 2020–May 2022"

This article highlights a higher risk of COVID-19 outbreaks and deaths among public transportation industries and workers in California.

"Workplaces Most Affected by COVID-19 Outbreaks in California, January 2020–August 2021"

This article concludes that certain California industries, particularly in the health care, manufacturing, and retail sectors, have experienced a high burden of COVID-19 outbreaks during the pandemic

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"Close Physical Proximity on the Job—An Exposure Matrix

 This paper was written by two OHB staff and describes the creation of a matrix that is applied to California employment data to estimate those working in very close physical proximity to others. Download the dataset: Physical Proximity Job Exposure Matrix

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"COVID-19 in the Workplace: The View from California" (PDF)

This commentary documents the profound impact of COVID-19 on California workers and state measures used to lessen those impacts.

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"Disparities in COVID-19 fatalities among working Californians"

The study examines COVID-19 mortality rates among workers in California. Utilizing three data sources to identify and classify working Californians who died of COVID-19 in 2020.

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"Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 and Respiratory Virus Sentinel Surveillance, California, USA, May 10, 2020–June 12, 2021 - Volume 28, Number 1—January 2022"

This article presents findings from the California Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) and Respiratory Virus Sentinel Surveillance System that was conducted to enhance surveillance for SARS-CoV-2 and other respiratory pathogens at sentinel outpatient testing sites in 10 counties throughout California. 

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COVID-19 Outbreak Data - Datasets - California Health and Human Services Open Data Portal – downloadable datafiles

The dataset contains numbers of COVID-19 outbreaks and associated cases, categorized by setting, reported to CDPH since January 1, 2021.

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"Effectiveness of Abbott BinaxNOW Rapid Antigen Test for Detection of SARS-CoV-2 Infections in Outbreak among Horse Racetrack Workers, California, USA"

This article compares the use of BinaxNOW antigen test with  real-time reverse transcription PCR during a coronavirus disease outbreak among horse racetrack workers in California. 

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"Coronavirus Disease among Workers in Food Processing, Food Manufacturing, and Agriculture Workplaces - Volume 27, Number 1—January 2021"

This article describes COVID-19 among US food manufacturing and agriculture workers, and they provide updated information on meat and poultry processing workers.

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Transmission of COVID-19 to Health Care Personnel During Exposures to a Hospitalized Patient — Solano County, California, February 2020

The article captures the first U.S of community-acquired COVID-19 in Solano County and how unprotected patient contact exposed health care personnel to COVID-19. 

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