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Transitional Kindergarten FAQs

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What is transitional kindergarten?       

A transitional kindergarten is the first year of a two-year kindergarten program. Pursuant to law, (Education Code section 48000[c]), children are eligible for transitional kindergarten if

  • In 2022–23, they turn 5 years old between September 2 and February 2,

  • In 2023–24, they turn 5 between September 2 and April 2,

  • In 2024–25, they turn 5 between September 2 and June 2,

  • In 2025–26, LEAs are required to make TK available to all children who will have their fourth birthday by September 1 of the school year.

Additional information available at Universal Prekindergarten FAQs - Elementary (CA Dept of Education). 

Should students who are 4 years old receive their Kindergarten booster vaccines? 

Yes.  Under California’s kindergarten immunization requirements, even four-year-old children need their kindergarten immunizations prior to the first day of transitional kindergarten where they could potentially be exposed to vaccine-preventable diseases.  The federal Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices, American Academy of Pediatrics, and American Academy Family Physicians recommend kindergarten immunizations starting as young as four years of age. (See CDC's Child and Adolescent Immunization Schedule for more details.)

Are students in transitional kindergarten subject to the Kindergarten immunization requirements?

Yes. They are required to have documentation of required immunizations or a valid exemption prior to admission to transitional kindergarten.

For students who are 3 years old at the time of admission to TK (Education Code section 48000[c]), schools are recommended to initially apply the pre-kindergarten immunization requirements​ (PDF) and to follow up with these students once they turn 4 years old to apply the TK/K immunization requirements.​

How should a school report these transitional kindergarten students for the kindergarten annual immunization assessment report?

For each year students are attending transitional or traditional kindergarten, report on their immunization status. The reporting process does not distinguish transitional from traditional kindergarten students. TK students are subject to the same requirements as kindergarten students and should be reported together. Reporting opens in September at shotsforschool.

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