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California immunization registry

How CAIR Helps Schools                             CAIR LOGO and Child Care Facilities

  • The School and Childcare Roster Lookup (SCRL) is now available! An invitation to register was sent to authorized CAIR2 School Users on 10/25/22. This new application quickly returns the immunization status for each child on your roster found in the California Immunization Registry (CAIR), using pre-K or K–12 immunization requirements. You can easily see which children are up to date or behind on their immunizations. 
  • CAIR2 Training Videos and Quick Guides (Tip sheet for log-in, search, & printing of CAIR2 reports) 
  • The Shots for School website provides information about CA child care/school immunization requirements and also includes a child care/school lookup to determine how well immunized your child’s school/child care is. 

  • See the CAIR School Consent Form on the CAIR Forms page. Use this form to consent to share your child’s school immunization record with CAIR. 

School/Childcare Medical Exemption Page 

Starting January 1st 2021, parents wishing to obtain medical exemptions from school/childcare vaccination requirements for their children will need to request those exemptions at the link below. 

CAIR2 Medical Exemptions Page 

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