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California immunization registry

How CAIR Helps Schools                             CAIR LOGO and Child Care Facilities

Find out how CAIR2 can help your school or child care program. See an CAIR2 training videos or print out the CAIR2 Quick Guides to see how easy it is.

School/Childcare Medical Exemption Page 

Starting January 1st 2021, parents wishing to obtain medical exemptions from school/childcare vaccination requirements for their children will need to request those exemptions at the link below. 

CAIR2 Medical Exemptions Page 

NEW School User Role in CAIR2! 

CAIR has developed a School User role that can assemble a list of students and determine whether students have received vaccines required for school entry.  For guidance on this functionality, see the CAIR2 School User Guide (PDF) or the School and Childcare User training video. 

Learn about CAIR and FERPA compliance 

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