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Data Exchange Monitoring Resources

  • Monitoring Data Quality for DX Power and DX QA Users. A short video reviewing the Data Exchange ‘Check Status’ Quick Guide for DX Power and DX Quality Assurance (DX QA) Users.  video | Quick Guide (PDF) |
  • Data Exchange 101 – How to Ensure Your Clinic Submits Quality Data to CAIR2.  Training  for clinic staff – emphasizes the importance of monitoring data exchange to ensure continuity and data quality.  For ‘Power’ and DX DQ’ users who will monitor the data exchange process.  videopdf
  • Get Your ACKs Together!:  Clinic Level Monitoring of Data Exchange (DX) Transactions.  A previous version of the above presentation. Training for ‘DX Power’ and ‘DX Quality Assurance (DX QA)’ Users.  video pdf 
  • Ensure Your Clinic Submits Quality Data to CAIR – Promotional flyer (PDF) describing the benefits of monitoring messages and the steps for setting up DX monitoring in your practice.

San Diego Immunization Registry (SDIR) Users only

If you are an Existing SDIR Regular or Inventory user (not Read-Only) and have already successfully completed SDIR-CAIR2 Existing User Training, below are helpful refresher videos covering the topics you learned in training:

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