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CAIR2 User Guides                     ​

​​​​Refresher Video

Existing CAIR2 Regular Users Only: If you are an Existing CAIR2 Regular User and have already successfully completed CAIR2 Regular User Training, below is a helpful refresher video covering the topics you learned in training:

Important Note: Watching this refresher video DOES NOT count as completion of CAIR2 Regular Training. If you have questions, please contact your Local CAIR Representative​.

Refresher: CAIR2 Basic Features Review (Regular Users)​ (75:42)

Data ​​Excha​​​nge Monitoring Resources

  • Monitoring Data Quality for DX Power and DX QA Users. A short video reviewing the Data Exchange ‘Check Status’ Quick Guide for DX Power and DX Quality Assurance (DX QA) Users. video | Quick Gui​de​ (PDF) |
  • Data Exchange 101 – How to Ensure Your Clinic Submits Quality Data to CAIR2.​ Training  for clinic staff – emphasizes the importance of monitoring data exchange to ensure continuity and data quality. ​​For ‘Power’ and DX DQ’ users who will monitor the data exchange process. videop​df
  • Ensure Your Clinic Submits Quality Data to CAIR – Promotional flyer​ (PDF) describing the benefits of monitoring messages​ and the steps for setting up DX monitoring in your practice.

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