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​​Using the Digital Vaccine Record (DVR), Californians can access their vaccination record (either complete or COVID-19-only) from the California Immunization Registry (CAIR) quickly and easily from a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

The DVR is secure, giving people access to only their own or their child’s record. As an official record, the DVR can be used for school/childcare entry and work. Information in the DVR includes name, date of birth, vaccination dates, vaccines received, and future vaccine recommendations. (Please note that some doses may not show on the DVR, as some providers don’t yet participate in CAIR or there could be a lag in reporting.) 

To access your DVR, visit the Digital Vaccine Record (DVR) portal ( or use the QR code shown on the informational flyer available in these languages: English (PDF), Arabic (PDF), Simplified Chinese (PDF) and Traditional Chinese(PDF), Korean(PDF), Spanish(PDF), Tagalog (PDF) and Vietnamese (PDF). The online DVR request form is also available in all the above languages. 

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