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4 Steps to Data ExchangeCAIR Logo

Sites who are interested in submitting immunization data to CAIR2 from their EHR systems will need to proceed through the 4 steps listed. However, if your Site is in Alpine, Amador, Calaveras, Mariposa, Merced, San Joaquin, Stanislaus, or Tuolumne counties, please contact CAIR San Joaquin for further instructions.

Note: Patient disclosure (see CAIR Notice) is required before immunization data can be submitted to CAIR. For more information, please refer to the CAIR Disclosure/Sharing Policy page. The CAIR Notice is available in a variety of languages.

Below are the 4 Steps your Site will need to complete in order to submit electronic data to CAIR2. If you have any additional questions after reviewing this page, please review to the CAIR2 DX FAQs.

Step 1 – Site Enrollment

  1. Register at the CAIR2 IZ Portal.
  2. Review and agree online to the CAIR Organization/Site and User Access & Confidentiality Agreement​ (PDF).

Step 2 – Pre-Testing Preparation (Direct Submitters)

  1. Download and review the  CAIR2 HL7 v2.5.1 VXU Impleme​ntation Guide​ (PDF)
  2. Download the CAIR2 Test Plan​ (PDF) for HL7 VXU Submission to CAIR2

Step 3 – Test your VXU Submissions

Begin HL7 VXU submissions to the CAIR2 testing environment.

Address any errors found. Email a CAIR2 Data Exchange Specialist (DXS) at if you have questions; include your assigned CAIR2 Org Code and your CAIR2 Sending Facility ID (if you have one) in the email.

Once testing is completed and your Site is approved by a CAIR2 DXS to begin submitting data, the Site can then begin production data submissions.

Step 4 – Continuing Ongoing Submissions of Patient Data

Continue ongoing submissions.

Correct and resubmit any failed messages.

Monitor your data exchange messaging using the ‘Check Status’ functionality in the CAIR2 user interface.  If you have no user interface  users, go to the CAIR2 Account Update page and add a DX QA user to your account. For more information regarding ‘Check Status,’ go the our CAIR2 Training Resources page.

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