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California Immunization Registry

CAIR2 Account Updates                               CAIR Logo

Some functions for Account Update have changed with CAIR2

Account Update Functions Can:

  • Edit organization’s contact information, VFC PIN and add licensed clinician information
  • Validate address by checking for any errors
  • Add clinician (shot giver) to organization and edit name and title
  • Add new user
  • Edit user’s name, contact information, role (user level), active status (including deactivate)
  • Give access to a user for a different organization

Account Update Functions Cannot:

  • Identify or add a person as a clinician (shot giver) in a user account
  • Edit username (User ID)
  • Change user passwords (Use the Forgot Password link on the CAIR2 login page. Call the CAIR Help Desk if you get locked out.)
  • Close user accounts (Call the CAIR Help Desk for assistance)

For instructions regarding account updates, please reference our Account Update User Instruc​tions ​(PDF).

If you are a Provider and would like to update an account, please visit the  CAIR2 Account Update Login site

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