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helathcare-associated infections (hai) program

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​Standard Precautions
​July 2021
​Personal Protective Equipment
​August 2021
​Bathing and Dressing
​September 2021
​Skin, Perineal and Urinary Catherter Care
​October 2021
​Oral Care and Feeding
​November 2021
​Changing Linens and Bed Making
​December 2021
​Proper Positioning and Transferring Residents
​January 2021
​Nail Care and Shaving
​February 2021
​Environmental Cleaning and Disinfection
​March 2021
​Mindfulness and Caregiver Burnout

July Content


Back to Basics: Standard Precautions

Review the six elements of Standard precautions and why these practices are needed to maintain a safe environment of care.

Webinar Recording 7/10/21 (opens in YouTube)

Webinar Slides  (PDF)


Who? What? Wear? Personal Protective Equipment in SNFs

This course will discuss the importance of correct PPE use. Additionally, the session will review the step-by-step methods to don and doff PPE to prevent infection transmission among residents. 
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