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healthcare-associated infections (hai) program

Project Firstline: Partner with Us​ ​​

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If you advocate for relevant and accessible infection prevention and control (IPC) training for healthcare facility frontline workers, consider becoming a Project Firstline partner!

We partner with local and corporate skilled nursing facilities, local health departments, professional organizations, and others to:
  • Engage and train frontline healthcare personnel and facility educators on IPC practices
  • Share information about healthcare-associated infections (HAI) and IPC practices
  • Raise awareness of Project Firstline materials and tools specifically for CNA or EVS staff
If you are interested in partnering with us in the above efforts, contact us at

Previous/current partners include​​:
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​Health Services Advisory Group (HSAG)​

​Check out our work:

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​National Association of Hea​lth Care Assistants (NAHCA)
Check out our work:
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​Local health departments throughout California​

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