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​Project Firstline Training Toolkit for Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA) ​

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How to Use This Toolkit

Training coordinators at SNF or staff at LHD may use Project Firstline materials for new staff orientations, in-services, on the spot trainings, and more. Materials can be shared in a number of ways not limited to the following:
  • Play the recorded webinars for your staff
  • Use the slides and corresponding scripts to engage staff in a live, interactive presentation
  • Extract key messages from our material to incorporate in your organization’s existing trainings and communications for staff
  • LHD or corporate entities may wish to convene jurisdiction-wide events.

Plan Your Curriculum

The Project Firstline CNA trainings consist of 8 modules, each designed to provide 30 minutes of training content with optional post-training discussion (up to 30 minutes) using the Questions and Answers files. All modules include prompt questions throughout to engage CNA in a conversation.

Training Modules

Training modules are stand-alone presentations. We recommend starting with Modules 1–3 as your foundation courses. Modules 4–8 highlight common tasks performed by CNA in the context of IPC practices; these may be presented in any order if needed. Each section below includes a brief description, curriculum slides with presenter notes, a link to the corresponding presentation recordings, pre- and post-training questions, poll and chat questions, questions and answers for additional discussion, and promotional material. Training materials are available in English and Spanish.​​
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