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healthcare-associated infections (hai) program

Environmental Services (EVS) Resource Library 

The EVS Resource Library includes training resources for EVS educators. Select your topic of choice to learn more and access materials. Resources marked with an asterisk (*) are geared toward educators; all other content may be used by educators to provide training to EVS staff. For additional support, contact ​​
​Review evidence-based environmental services (EVS) FAQ 
New to providing EVS training or need a refresher? Start here to learn more about maintaining a clean and sanitary environment of care for patients, visitors, and staff. ​​​​
Projected trainng plans
​Learn how to plan and implement an infection prevention and control (IPC) training program ​ 
Train new or advance current EVS staff IPC knowledge with ready-made IPC curriculum developed for EVS staff. Form collaborative processes among EVS managers and IPC staff. ​
Adherence Monitoring
​Assess environmental services (EVS) staff training needs 
Support y​​our EVS staff by providing feedback on IPC practices, celebrating improvements, and identifying opportunities for additional training.
Challenges in Workflows
​Challenges of Workflow 
With any process, there may be challenges to workflow. Address staff needs, identify barriers, and ensure staff are able to share any issues that arise.​
Train EVS staff on
Train your EVS staff on: 
Compency and evaluation of EVS staff
Competency and Evaluation of EVS Staff 
Regular monitoring with feedback of results to staff can maintain or improve adherence to environmental cleaning practices.​

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