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healthcare-associated infections (HAI) program

Antimicrobial Stewardship Program (​ASP) Honor Roll Outcomes

Part III - Demonstration of Outcomes (Required for Silver and Gold Designations)

  1. Please make sure that answers are complete in the actual online application that includes clinically meaningful outcomes of an intervention from the thre​e-year period prior to the application deadline.
  2. The goal of this portion of the application is to determine if your program is effective beyond meeting criteria on a check list. 
  3. Reviewers of this portion of the application will evaluate as if it were a scientific abstract.
    Note: External blinded AS expert reviewers may review Part III of your application. Please ensure that all facility identifying information is redacted in Part III only. 
  4. Optional: In addition to answering the questions on the application completely, you may upload additional documentation such as graphs, publication, abstract, poster, or report supporting the outcomes reported in the application.
  • Examples of clinically meaningful outcomes are data that can be analyzed such as infection, CDI rates, prescribing behavior, adverse reactions, resistance rates, mortality, etc. Antibiotic use alone is not sufficient. Please refer to Rubric in Appendix D.
  • Examples of interventions: 
    • Targeting fluoroquinolone use and susceptibility patterns due to determining that your facility has been overprescribing or non-adherent to guidelines and found increased resistance in gram negatives.
      • Clinically meaningful outcomes would include resistance patterns and correlated fluoroquinolone DOT per 1000 pt. days 
      • Intervention: prescriber-based intervention of antibiotic time-out targeted at levofloxacin use
      • Methods are data collected pre and post intervention. Antibiotic-time out prompts opened in the electronic medical record when a prescriber opens the patient’s profile on levofloxacin
    • Targeting Staphylococcus aureus blood stream infection (SAB) due to high mortality rates and inappropriate antibiotics being started or delay in appropriate antibiotics started
      • Clinically meaningful outcomes may include SAB rates, mortality rates, time to initiate appropriate antibiotics in days, duration of therapy in days.
      • Intervention: implementation of SAB bundle using clinical decision support software
      • Methods: clinical decision support software to prompt providers with the SAB bundle order (includes initiating pre-selected antibiotics, TEE, ID consultation, etc.) when a positive blood culture reports SA.​

Rubric for Outcomes (Part III) ​

​QUESTIONS (Time frame should be 3 year period prior deadline)​​
​Enter the Following:
​Was an outcome actually reported? 
     0 - Unclear
     1 - Not explicitly stated, but discernable
     2 - Purpose stated but outcome not explicitly stated
     3 - Explicitly stated (measurable)
​Number from scale
​Was the outcome clinically meaningful? Use scale below.
Examples (this is not a complete list - provide comments below):
     0 - No outcome provided     
     1 - Antibiotic use only (alone is not considered clinically meaningful)
     2 - Length of stay, re-admissions
     3 - Antimicrobial resistance rates, appropriateness
     4 - Infection rate, CDI, mortality, adverse events, clinical success/cure 
     5 - Behavioral changes in prescribing
​Number from scale
(Results must include actual data) ​

​Originality. Use scale below.
     0 - Partially or completely missing results or plan
     1 - Old idea with no significant results 
     2 - Replicates important intervention done by others with significant results
     3 - Original or innovative intervention (e.g. new population not previous described well)
​Number from scale
​Overall impression. Use scale below.
     0 - Does not appear to be an effective/successful intervention
     1 - Intervention is partially effective/successful
     2 - Intervention is effective/successful
     3 - Intervention serves as a model for others (sustainable changes/intervention)
​Number from scale
​Additional comments (general)
Specific comments on Outcomes
Specific comments on Clinically Meaningful
Specific comments on Originality
Specific comments on Overall Impression (accuracy of data, e.g. check denominators) 
​Constructive comments
Used by each reviewer for evaluating the outcomes (Part III) for each facility applying for Silver/Gold designation.
Note: Results of outcomes chosen do not necessarily need to be significant to be considered clinically meaningful. ​

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