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healthcare-associated infections (hai) program

Data Validation for Acute Care Hospital

The CDPH HAI Program is offering data validation in 2023 to help hospitals assess completeness of HAI case finding for CDI, CLABSI, bloodstream infections due to MRSA and VRE, and SSIs. This data validation has three objectives: 
  1. Gain a better understanding of hospital surveillance processes for case finding
  2. Assess understanding and application of NHSN protocols and definitions
  3. Improve quality and consistency of HAI surveillance and reporting 
Hospitals can benefit from all objectives of the validation process. Past validation projects have shown incomplete case finding in many California hospitals. By assessing HAI case finding in 2023, hospital infection prevention program staff will be able to review and refine their surveillance practices, as well as correct reporting errors discovered during validation. 

Overview of the Project Timeline

Timeline, webinar, office hours, process begins, summarize findings to submit, submit missed events, external validation begins​​

2023 Tools and Resources

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