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T​​es​​t Name​

Fungal Identification: Yeast​

Test M​​​e​th​o​​​d​​​o​logy​​ ​​​Identification of yeast species by MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry. 

Reflex Testing

​​​Reflex to fungal ITS sequencing if species ID is not resolved by MALDI-TOF. Send out to CDC for isolates that are not resolved by ITS sequencing. ​​

Pre-A​​pproval Required​


Infor​mation and Required Form(s)​

​Barcode subm​ittal form 448 “Fungus Culture for Identification​​​” or instructions for using the MDL Lab Web Portal (LWP​) can be found at: MDL Submission Instructions and Forms​.​​

​​​Instructions on completing the form at MDL Form 448​

​Required Specimen Type(s) ​

​Pure culture on solid media from human source only. 

Minimum Volume Required Not Applicable 

Specimen Stability


Room Temperature: acceptable ​

Refrigerated: acceptable 

Frozen: DO NOT freeze ​

​Rejection Criteria

  • Samples with insufficient or conflicting labelling​​
  • Leaking samples
  • Nonviable culture​
  • Mixed cultures
  • Sp​ecimen/sample types not meeting acceptance criteria

Storage/Transport Conditions ​​​​

​Grow isolate under appropriate conditions and verify purity prior to shipping.

Isolates may be stored under refrigeration or at ambient temperature prior to shipping.

Transport Medium,​
if applicable

​Avoid submitting fungal isolates on plates. Solid media in tube or flask with tightened screw cap and taped is preferable for submission. 

Specimen Labeling Two identifiers, including patient full name, and at least one other identifier (specimen accession number, date of birth, medical record number).

​Shipping Instructions and Specimen Handling Requirements





​Ship cultures at ambient temperature (do not freeze). 

Follow the appropriate DOT/IATA approved shipping procedures. All the suspected Coccidioides cultures should be shipped as a Category A Infectious Substance, Affecting Humans (UN2814).

Ensure that culture isolates are sent in media flask or tubes containing a screw-top cap that is additionally sealed with parafilm or tape for additional protection against leaking.

Ship to:

California Depart​ment of Public Health​
Microbial Diseases Laboratory ​
ATTN: Mycology Unit​
​​C/O ​Specimen Receiving Room B106​
850 Marina Bay Parkway,​
Richmond, CA  94804​

Specimen Collection Instructions, if applicable
Not Applicable
​Turnaround Time 4 days

Interferences & Limitations ​​Not Applicable 

Reference Range Not Applicable

Additional Information Please contact the MDL Mycobacterial, Mycotic, and Parasitic Diseases Section for special consideration if any of the above criteria cannot be met.​

MDL Point ​of Contact For questions regarding submissions, ​please email or call the MMPDS Section at (510) 412-3926


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