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Submission Instructions and Forms

​​Submitters can send specimens to MDL for testing using one of the following methods:

  1. MDL Lab Web Portal (LWP)​ (Preferred)
  2. MDL General Electronic Submission Form (PDF) 

​MDL Lab Web Por​t​​​al (LWP) (Preferred) 

The MDL Lab W​eb Portal, also known as Electronic Test Orders and Reporting (ETOR), is now the online resource for sub​mitters to order laboratory tests and receive test reports. 

Laboratory submitters interested in using MDL LWP please contact the CDPH LWP team at​

​MDL General Submission Form

​​Instructions to Save and Open the Submission​

  • Right-click “MDL General Electronic Submission Form (PDF)” and select “Save link as.” Save to your computer.
  • ​Navigate to where you saved it and open with a PDF viewer.​​
  • Once you download it, you can choose the ​​ specific form​​ that you need from ​​* Select Test Requisition menu.
If you are ​​unable to open the Form using a pdf viewer, please contact MDL at 510-412-3700 or​

​​Submitting Inst​ructions and Guidelines​

​Please read and follow the instructions pertaining to the specific testing requested:

General Specimen Submission Page 1 Instructions

General Specimen Submission Instructions (PDF)

MDL Form 176 Instructions for Adult C. Botulinum Toxin Detection

MDL Form 402 Instructions for Mycobacteriology-Specimens for Isolation and Culture

MDL Form 414 Instructions for Feces for Bacterial Culture

MDL Form 416 Instructions for Parasitology

MDL Form 443 Instructions for Mycobacteriology-Culture for Identification

MDL Form 444 Instructions for Mycobacteriology-Drug Susceptibility Testing (DST) of MTBC (CA only)

MDL Form 446 Instructions for Bacterial Culture for Identification (exclude Mycobacteria)

MDL Form 446 Instructions for Select Agents

MDL Form 448 Instructions for Fungus Culture for Identification

MDL Form 449​ In​structions​​ for ​Candida auris Colonization Screening ​

MDL Form AST Instructions for Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing

MDL Form VPP01 Instructions for Bacterial Sepsis/Meningitis PCR

MDL Form WGSR Instructions ​​​​​​​​​​​​for Whole Genome Sequencing

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