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T​​es​​t Name​

Fungal Identification: Mold​

Test​​ M​​​​e​​t​h​o​​​d​​​ology​​ ​​​​Identification of mold species by MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry and/or fungal ITS sequencing

Reflex Testing

​​Reflex to fungal ITS sequencing if species ID is not resolved by MALDI-TOF. May reflex send-out to CDC if ID is not resolved by ITS sequencing. 

Pre-A​​pproval Required​


Infor​mation and Required Form(s)​

​Barcode subm​ittal form 448 “Fungus Culture for Identification​​​” or instructions for using the MDL Lab Web Portal (LWP​) can be found at: MDL Submission Instructions and Forms​.​​

​​​Instructions on completing the form at MDL Form 448​

​Required Specimen Type(s)

​Pure culture on solid media from human source only. ​​

Minimum Volume Required Not Applicable 

Specimen Stability


Room Temperature: acceptable ​

Refrigerated: acceptable 

Frozen: DO NOT freeze ​

​Rejection Criteria


  • Samples with insufficient or conflicting labelling​​
  • Leaking samples
  • ​​Fungal cultures sent on petri plates
  • ​Nonviable cultures
  • ​Mixed cultures
  • Specimen/sample types not meeting acceptance criteria

Storage/Transport Conditions ​​​​

​Grow isolate under appropriate conditions and verify purity prior to shipping.

Isolates may be stored under refrigeration or at ambient temperature prior to shipping.

Transport Medium,​
if applicable

DO NOT submit mold isolates on petri plates due to safety concerns. Solid media in tube or flask with tightened screw cap and taped is preferable for submission. ​​

Specimen Labeling Two identifiers, including patient full name, and at least one other identifier (specimen accession number, date of birth, medical record number).

​Shipping Instructions and Specimen Handling Requirements





​Ship cultures at ambient temperature (do not freeze). 

Follow the appropriate DOT/IATA approved shipping procedures. All the suspected Coccidioides cultures should be shipped as a Category A Infectious Substance, Affecting Humans (UN2814).

Ensure that culture isolates are sent in media flask or tubes containing a screw-top cap that is additionally sealed with parafilm or tape for additional protection against leaking.

Ship to:

California Depart​ment of Public Health​
Microbial Diseases Laboratory ​
ATTN: Mycology Unit​
​​C/O ​Specimen Receiving Room B106​
850 Marina Bay Parkway,​
Richmond, CA  94804​

Specimen Collection Instructions, if applicable
Not Applicable
​Turnaround Time 14 days

Interferences & Limitations ​​Not Applicable​​

Reference Range Not Applicable

Additional Information Please contact the MDL Mycobacterial, Mycotic, and Parasitic Diseases Section for special consideration if any of the above criteria cannot be met.​

MDL Point ​of Contact For questions regarding submissions, ​please email or call the MMPDS Section at (510) 412-3926



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