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Head Lice

Head lice are small insects that live in people's hair and feed on their blood. Head lice are common among school-aged children. Lice glue their eggs (or "nits") to hair so that the nits do not get brushed off. Nits take six to nine days to hatch, and seven or more days for the lice to become egg-laying adults. Lice die quickly (within two days) without feeding, so they cannot live very long away from a person's head. Children can give head lice to other children from head-to-head contact and sometimes when they share combs, hats, clothing, hair clips, scarves, or other personal items. Head lice are a problem in homes, day care centers, and elementary and preschools. Kids are much more likely to get lice from family members and playmates than from classmates at school. ​

Educational Materials
  • A Parent's Guide to Head Lice brochure 

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