COVID-19-Equity-Technical-Assistance-Playbook COVID-19 Health Equity Playbook for Communities

Helping Communities with an Equitable Recovery

COVID-19 Health Equity Playbook for Communities


PLAYBOOK: COVID-19 Health Equity Playbook for Communities (PDF)

LATEST UPDATES: Equity Playbook Bulletin - February (PDF) 

OTHER RESOURCES: California's Blueprint for a Safer EconomyHealth Equity MeasureTargeted Equity Investment Plans

The COVID-19 Health Equity Playbook  for Communities  (PDF) is intended to support local communities in achieving their Health Equity Measure as part of the California's Blueprint for a Safer Economy and building an equitable recovery. Counties can use this document to inform Targeted Equity Investment Plans. This living document will continue to be updated as the pandemic progresses and as more is learned about what strategies are working on the ground. 

The COVID-19 Health Equity Playbook Bulletins are provided as updates to the Equity Playbook to highlight new content. The Bulletins collect and share new equity resources, best practices, and strategies to support communities and local health departments on an ongoing basis. Resources included in these bulletins will be incorporated into future versions of the COVID-19 Health Equity Playbook for Communities .