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Available to Health Plans

To help assess and improve vaccine coverage levels among your health plan members, ensuring that your network providers use CAIR2 is key.  Monitoring provider participation helps Medi-Cal managed care plans implement the requirement that contracted providers participate in an immunization registry.

CAIR2 Usage Reports allow health plans to monitor provider participation and to determine how and how often the provider enters their patients’ immunization data into CAIR2 and to identify which provider sites need more guidance to maximize their use of CAIR2.  Your Local CAIR Representative is also available to help you interpret your report and make recommendations to ensure your providers are using CAIR2 to its fullest potential.

Here’s how to get started:

Step 1   

Define the group of providers you wish to monitor for CAIR2 usage.  For example, for Health Plans seeking to raise childhood immunization HEDIS measures, this may be all your network pediatric providers.

Step 2   

Query each of your contracted providers to obtain their CAIR2 ID/Org Code.  This is the identification code assigned to each CAIR2 site.  Alternatively, obtain the latest NPI-CAIR2 ID list from then use provider NPIs to identify their CAIR2 IDs. 

Step 3   

Send the list of CAIR2 ID/Org Codes to

Step 4   

Either monthly or quarterly, CAIR2 will send your health plan contact an email containing your Health Plan’s UR.

Step 5  

To obtain these reports, your health plan will also be required to complete and submit a CAIR2 Health Plan Data Sharing Agreement. (PDF)   To sign up to receive these reports, please forward the following information to

  1. Your Health Plan/IPA Name
  2. Health Plan Contact Email (URs will be sent to this email address):
  3. Report Frequency Desired: Monthly or Quarterly
  4. Signed CAIR2 Health Plan Data Sharing Agreement (PDF) (if not on file already)
  5. List of CAIR2 Organization Codes to be included in the Usage Report (updates to list will be accepted)

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