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Lead in Tableware Resource List

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Regulatory Contacts

U.S. Food And Drug Administration (US FDA)
Northern California District Office: (510) 337-6786
Southern California District Office: (310) 971-2280

Sets national standards for the amount of lead that can leach into food from dishes. Enforces import and interstate regulations. Contact for questions about specific import products and import alerts, to report possible import or retail violations, or to obtain texts of applicable regulations.

California Attorney General's Office
(510) 873-6321

Enforces California Proposition 65, a law that sets standards for lead in tableware in California. Contact for legal questions about Proposition 65 and tableware, to report a possible violation, or to request compliance guidelines for businesses that manufacture, import or sell tableware.

California Department of Public Health (CDPH) 
Food and Drug Branch
P.O. Box 942732
Sacramento, CA 94234-7320
Phone: (800) 495-3232

Enforces tableware regulations within California. Also provides information on lead in consumer products including tableware, food, drugs and cosmetics. Contact to report possible retail violations or to obtain texts of applicable regulations.

Exposure to Lead During the Production of Tableware or Ceramics

California CDPH Occupational Lead Poisoning Prevention Program (OLPPP)
850 Marina Bay Parkway
Building P, Third Floor
Richmond, CA 94804-6403
Lead Hotline: (510) 622-4332.

Provides information, training and technical assistance on lead hazards in industry and construction.

California Occupational Safety and Health Administration (CalOSHA)
Consultation Service: (510) 622-2891

Provides information on lead in the workplace, as well as free on-site health and safety consultation to employers.

General Lead Resources

Local Lead Poisoning Prevention Programs

For information on childhood lead poisoning, local lead abatement programs, or having a child tested for lead, contact the city or county childhood lead poisoning prevention program through your city or county health department.

California Department of Public Health (CDPH)
Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Branch (CLPPB)
850 Marina Bay Parkway
Building P, Third Floor
Richmond, CA 94804-6403
Main Telephone Number: (510) 620-5600
Fax: (510) 620-5656

For general information on lead sources, residential lead paint issues, lead poisoning surveillance data and other statewide programs. Serves as the clearinghouse for lead education materials for county lead poisoning prevention programs. These include materials on lead in tableware.

National Safety Council
1019 - 19th Street N.W.
Washington, DC 20036
Phone: (630) 285-1121

Provides general lead information in English and Spanish. Part of the National Safety Council.

National Lead Information Center
Phone: (800) 424-LEAD/424-5323

A national materials clearinghouse with a wide variety of information on lead-related topics. Provides technical information as well as answers to specific lead-related questions. Upon request, will do computer search of their lead materials database by topic, language, author, state and other factors.

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