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California Lead-Related Construction (LRC)Worker_sanding Program

About the California Lead-Related Construction (LRC) Program

What we do

The California Lead-Related Construction (LRC) program was created to ensure that construction activities involving lead are performed in a manner that eliminates existing lead hazards and avoids creating new lead poisoning hazards for children and other occupants, as well as the workers themselves. The primary activities managed by the LRC Unit are:

  • Accreditation of training providers who teach lead specialists how to find and abate lead hazards. 
  • Certification of individuals qualified to perform lead-related construction work in an effective and lead-safe manner.

Individual certification or renewal

Apply for individual certification or renewal (NOTE: Refresher training required every 24 months.)


State Certification Exam

The State certification exam is administered for the following specialities:
  • Supervisor
  • Inspector/Assessor
  • Project Monitor

Applicants for Worker or Sampling Technician certification do not need to take the exam.

The state qualifying exam is administered online and on a quarterly basis by CPS HR. Visit their website or call (916) 263-3624, Option 5, for scheduling and exam application. 

Additional exam instructions and study guides

The State exam is different than the test that is administered at the end of each accredited lead-related construction course and that applies to all the disciplines (Supervisor, Inspector/Assessor, Project Monitor, Worker and Sampling Technician).

Additional Information Related to Certification

Note that paper certification forms are accepted. Online applications are processed much quicker than the paper applications.
Contact the LRC Information Line at (800) 597-5323.

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