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Index of Lead-Certified Professionals in California

Updated May 2, 2024

Below are links to lists of lead-related construction (LRC) professionals certified by the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) to perform LRC work in California. These lists contain all currently certified individuals, but include the location and phone number only for those individuals who have authorized the release of that information. The lists are divided into geographic areas, based on the area code of the individuals’ business phone. If you do not find a particular individual you are looking for in the region you expect, try adjacent regions.

Individuals can be certified to do one or more of five lead-related construction specialties:

Project Designer: Prepares the specifications, detailed design work, and cost estimates associated with LRC work in residential or public buildings.

Inspector/Assessor: Assesses the degree of total lead hazard in residential or public buildings before, during, and/or after LRC work. They typically do inspections, take samples, and interpret test results.

Project Monitor: Oversees LRC work in residential or public buildings to ensure that contract plans and specifications are followed, evaluates LRC work, and may conduct testing to determine if contamination is adequately controlled. (Often referred to as consultants.)

Sampling Technician: Collects samples under the supervision of a certified Inspector/Assessor.

Supervisor: Responsible for implementing LRC work in residential or public buildings and enforcing work practices that ensure worker safety.  (Often referred to as contractors.)

Worker: Performs LRC work in residential or public buildings under the direction of a certified Supervisor.

Note: The lists are updated periodically. Recent applicants and renewals may not be reflected on the lists. Certifications that appear expired since the last time the list was updated may not indicate actual certification status. If you have a question about someone not on the list or about an expiration date, contact the Lead Hotline at 800-597-5323 or 510-620-5600, or outside of California 510-620-5694.

Zone Geographic Area and Area Codes

Map of California, divided by region

  1. Central Coast, including Santa Barbara to San Jose (area codes 408, 805, 831)

  2. East Bay area, including Oakland, Alameda County, and Contra Costa County (area codes 510, 925)

  3. Los Angeles area, including San Fernando Valley (area codes 213, 310, 323, 562, 626, 818)

  4. North Coast, including Santa Rosa through Crescent​ City (area code 707)

  5. Orange County and Western Riverside and San Bernardino Counties (area codes 714, 909, 949, 951)

  6. Sacramento Area and Northeast California (area codes 530, 916)

  7. San Diego and Southern Desert Areas (area codes 619, 760, 858)

  8. San Francisco and Peninsula Area (area codes 415, 650)

  9. San Joaquin Valley Area, including Bakersfield through Stockton (area codes 209, 559, 661)

  10. Outside of California (all other area codes)

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