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microbial diseases laboratory

Test Order Non-Tuberculous Mycobacterium

Pre-Approval Required


Supplemental Information or Form

Form LAB 443

Performed on Specimens From

California county public health laboratories

Acceptable Sample/Specimen Type for Testing

Pure culture. For isolates derived from sputum, only clinically relevant cultures are identified. See American Thoracic Society guidelines for guidance regarding clinical relevance:

Minimum Volume Required


Storage & Preservation of Sample/Specimen Prior to Shipping

Incubated at 35-37°C (or refrigerated).



Sample/Specimen Labeling

Patient’s name, accession number

Shipping Instructions which Include Specimen Handling Requirements

Ship as infectious substance.

Test Methodology

Matrix assisted laser desorption-ionization time of flight (MALDI-TOF) mass spectrometry, Biochemical testing, Gen Probe AccuProbe test, morphology, 16S and/or cpn60 PCR, and DNA sequencing.

Turnaround Time

2 - 6 weeks

Interferences & Limitations

Unable to identify if submitted culture is overgrown by bacterial and/or fungal contaminants or if the culture is nonviable.

Additional Information


MDL Points of Contact

Mycobacterial Diseases Section (510) 412-3924

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