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Tes​​t​​ Name 

Cyclospora ​​Targeted Amplicon Deep Sequencing 

Test ​​​​​M​​​e​th​o​​​​d​​​olog​y
 ​​Next Generation Sequencing

Reflex Testing

Pre-A​pproval Required​​

Yes.​ Please contact MDL at MDL.Submissio​ns@CDPH​ ​
Supp​lemental Information and Required Form(s)​

​Test Request Form for Cyclospora Targeted Amplicon Deep Sequencing (TADS). The submission form will be shared once shipment is approved.​
Requir​ed Specimen Type(s)
​​Stool specimen submitted either in a Cary Blair or at least 3 aliquots in 2 mL sterile microcentrifuge tubes. Please secure top of container/ tubes with parafilm to avoid leakage during transport. 

Minimum Volume Required

If submitted in microcentrifuge tube, 2 mL.

Specimen Stability

4​°C up to 15 days 

​Rejection Criteria

​​Specimens collected in Formalin will be rejected


​4​°C,  ​-20°C or other (please indicate on Test Request Form)

Transport Medium,​
if applicable

​Cary-Blair modified media or VTM (Viral Transport Media)​​

​​Spe​cimen Labeling
​​Containing patient identifiers: name, DOB, and collection date

Shipping Instructions and Specimen Handling Requirements
​​​​​Specimen(s) should be shipped according to International Air Transport Association (IATA) and International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) regulations for biological specimens.​​

Ship to:

California Depart​ment of Public Health​
Microbial Diseases Laboratory ​
ATTN:  ​​Molecular Characterization Unit​​
850 Marina Bay Parkway, Specimen Receiving Room B106
Richmond, CA  94804
Spec​​imen Collection Instructions, if applicable

​Not Applicable
Turnaround Time

​​Not Applicable​
​​Interferences & Limitations
Reference Range

​​Not Applicable​​​​
Additional Information
​​MDL Point of Contact

​MDL - Molecular Characterization Unit 
Phone: (510) 412-3940, M–F PST.​
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