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How to Become a California Yellow Fever Vaccine Provider

Uniform stamp certification is required to order and administer yellow fever vaccine. A certified uniform stamp holder has the authority granted by the State of California to administer yellow fever vaccine to the public. The stamp is used for international verification that a traveler has been vaccinated against yellow fever. The stamp is the property of the State of California, Department of Public Health, and is subject to recall at the discretion of the Department. Sanofi Pasteur will only ship yellow fever vaccine to a designated center associated with an active uniform stamp holder. Applicants must be a physician (medical doctor or doctor of osteopathic medicine) or pharmacist with a current California license. To apply, submit the following documents via email to or fax to (916) 636-6065.

Certification Application Checklist

  1. All applicants are required to submit the following items to become a yellow fever vaccine provider:
  2. Uniform Stamp application (PDF)   
  3. Proof of completion the CDC Online Yellow Fever Course by Physician of Records as well as all   designated medical staff.
  4. ACIP Recommendations & Vaccine Storage Acknowledgement Form (PDF)
  5. Proof of purchase of the International Certificate of Vaccination or Prophylaxis (ICV) card or a copy of the card will suffice. The ICV card is available for purchase from the Government Printing Office bookstore. Packages of 25 are available for $24, and packages of 100 are available for $51.  

Designating Yellow Fever Vaccine Centers

Each yellow fever vaccine center must be under the jurisdiction of an approved stamp holder. Yellow fever vaccine will be shipped only to sites that are listed on the Designation of a Yellow Fever Vaccine Center Form. You may request additional stamps for your sites if needed. Each stamp costs about $30.00 including shipping.

Temperature Logs

Once you become a certified uniform stamp holder, you are required to maintain a log of vaccine recipients as well as temperature logs for your yellow fever vaccine storage units. Temperatures must be recorded twice a day. You are subject to an audit without notice, and you may be asked to provide these logs for review. Failure to provide this documentation upon request may result in the cancellation of your stamp and ability to order vaccine.

Vaccine Shipping Address Changes

Please submit the Change of Address Form (PDF) after an address change has occurred at any of your designated sites. Failure to submit this documentation will inhibit your ability to order vaccine. This form must be signed by the uniform stamp holder in order to be processed. The information will be updated accordingly on the CDC Yellow Fever clinic locator, and with Sanofi Pasteur.

Lost or Damaged Stamp

You may request a replacement stamp by submitting the Uniform Stamp Request for Replacement Form (pdf). If your stamp was damaged, please return it along with your request. Your stamp may be replaced only twice after the original or recertification issuing date (fee applies).


Current stamp holders please complete and submit the Recertification Form (PDF). Once you are recertified, a new stamp will be issued and is valid for three years. Please note - Sanofi Pasteur will not ship vaccine after the expiration date of your stamp.


Contact the Immunization Branch at 510-620-3737 or email

If you are having difficulty accessing these forms please call 510-620-3737 or email to request this information in an alternate format.

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