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Training Requirements for Non-Traditional and Expanded Vaccinators

This training requirement is for anyone in these groups whose primary responsibility is only related to the administration of COVID-19 vaccine (e.g., mass vaccination clinic, licensed facility) under the authority of another responsible institution/organization/entity.

  • Dental hygienists
  • Veterinarians
  • Licensed midwives
  • Respiratory care practitioners
  • Inactive, expired, or lapsed licensees: physician, surgeon, registered nurse, pharmacist, midwife, respiratory care practitioner, dentist, physician assistant, podiatrist, optometrist, or veterinarian licenses
  • Students: medical, pharmacy, dental, registered nursing, vocational nursing, midwife, physician assistant, respiratory care practitioner, podiatry, optometry, and veterinary

These vaccinators will need to complete the following training before participating in mass vaccination clinics or other institution or community sponsored clinics:

Key Resources (Optional)

Recommended for New Vaccinators

The following resources provide instruction on preparing and administering vaccines. Clinic organizers may provide site logistics training and demonstrated proficiency prior to a vaccinator’s shift.

  • Vaccine Preparation & Administration:
    Pfizer (PDF)  | Moderna (PDF) | Janssen (PDF) | Novavax (PDF)
  • Low Dead-Volume Syringes and Needles (PDF)
  • Preparing Multi-dose Vials video
  • Intramuscular (IM) Injection for Adults (PDF) | video
  • Injection Safety (PDF)
  • Skills Checklist for Vaccine Administration (PDF)
  • Pre-vaccination Screening Questionnaire (PDF) | Spanish (PDF)
  • How to Become a Volunteer Vaccinator Webinar (archived) | video | slides (PDF)

Other Helpful Lesson(s)

Program enrollment is currently focused on small physician practices who routinely vaccinate their patients as well as providers that are prioritized for vaccine allocation by local health departments. Providers who do not routinely vaccinate may contact the COVID Call Center about eligibility.

When enrollment opens up for non-traditional vaccinators, providers must be credentialed/licensed in the jurisdiction where vaccination takes place, complete all required training, and comply with federal and state requirements all of which are outlined in the California Vaccination​ Program.

COVID-19 vaccine has been approved for use by California providers under an FDA emergency use authorization (EUA). In order to participate in the program, providers will need to register and agree to a number of specific conditions (PDF). Among these are three important ones to consider before enrolling. Participating vaccinators must:

  1. Submit order requests through the myCAVax system and maintain current organization and provider contact information.
  2. Report COVID-19 doses administered within 24 hrs of administration to your local immunization registry (IIS) (e.g. CAIR2, Healthy Futures, or SDIR).
  3. Report COVID-19 doses in inventory at least weekly by close of business on Fridays to VaccineFinder.

View more enrollment resources.

COVID-19 Call Center

The COVID-19 Call Center for Providers is dedicated to medical providers in California and their COVID-19 response, specifically addressing questions about program requirements, enrollment, and vaccine distribution.

​​For Providers

​For the Public

Phone: (833) 502-1245
Monday through Friday from 8AM–6PM

For technical issues with myCAvax (formerly CalVax)

​Website: Vaccinate All 58
Phone: (833) 422-4255
Monday through Friday 8AM–8PM,
Weekends 8AM–5PM

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