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“Don't Let the Ticks Bite!” Toolkit

Kids may encounter ticks and get tick bites because they enjoy playing in places where ticks live, such as in grassy areas and leaf litter, and alongside hiking trails. Kids may be less likely than adults to notice if a tick attaches to them. Sometimes ticks carry germs like bacteria or viruses that can be transmitted to a person while the tick is attached and feeding. These germs can cause diseases. Avoiding tick bites is the best way to prevent getting diseases from ticks.

The “Don’t Let the Ticks Bite!” Toolkit contains tick bite prevention information for youth and is suitable for use in the classroom, with scouting and other youth groups, or at home.

The materials in the toolkit are designed to teach kids:

  • What is a tick
  • That ticks can transmit disease
  • How to properly remove a tick if found attached to themselves or a pet
  • How to prevent tick bites ​ ​​

Tools in the Toolkit

PowerPoint Slideshow:


30 in. by 40 in. Classroom Poster (PDF):

“DON’T LET THE TICKS BITE!” - Timothy Tickfinder printable poster (PDF) suitable for use in an educational setting


"DON’T LET THE TICKS BITE!” brochures available in English (PDF) and Spanish (PDF)


“BEWARE OF TICKS!” bookmark available in English (PDF) and Spanish (PDF)

Curriculum Guide and Participant Post-test (PDF):

This curriculum guide includes instructions for using the educational materials, slideshow, student post-test, and voluntary post-presentation instructor assessment. 

Fun Stuff:

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