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Dengue Virus - Serology 

Information Categor​​y

Information Detail

Supplemental Information Requested Requested: Travel history, illness onset date 
Submittal Form​​
Specimens must be accompanied with a hard copy of the completed VRDL General Purpose Specimen Submittal Form​ (PDF) or a form generated in the VRDL Lab Web Portal.
Methodology (Commercial Test Name or Laboratory Developed Test (LDT)) EIA: IgM (Commercial Test)(Diagnostic)
IFA: IgG and IgM (LDT)(Diagnostic)
Reflex Testing Flavivirus Plaque Reduction Neutralization Test
Acceptable Specimen Type(s) and Collection Method

Human specimens:

  • Serum or whole blood: red top or red/gray top serum separator tubes
Minimum Volume Requested​
  • Serum: 1 mL
  • Whole blood in serum separator tubes: 5 mL
Transport Medium (if using) Not Applicable
Specimen Labeling Each specimen tube must be labeled with at least two unique patient identifiers, e.g., patient full name and date of birth.
Storage & Preservation of Specimen / Shipping Conditions
  • Serum: freeze or refrigerate specimens after collection.
  • Whole blood: refrigerate specimens promptly after collection. Do not freeze whole blood.

Ship refrigerated specimens to VRDL on cold packs. Ship frozen specimens to VRDL on dry ice.

Shipping Instructions

Work with your local public health department to ensure samples are packaged according to instructions for Biological Substance – Category B (UN 3373) shipment.

Ship specimens and a hard copy of the completed submittal forms to:  


ATTN: Specimen Receiving

850 Marina Bay Parkway

Richmond, CA 94804

Phone: 510-307-8585

Turnaround Time 10 Business Days

Serologic assays do not distinguish between dengue serotypes.

Positive result does not confirm infection, supplemental testing is required.​​ Negative result does not preclude the possibility of infection.

Flavivirus antibodies are often cross-reactive.

Cross-reactivity with Malaria IgM has not been evaluated with the DENV Detect IgM Capture ELISA.

Results from immunosuppressed patients must be interpreted with caution. 

High cholesterol levels (>300 mg/dL) appear to give variable results and may affect the DENRA OD values.

High triglyceride levels (>3000 mg/dL) appeared to exhibit a slight effect of raising the ISRs of low positive sera.

Hemoglobin (>1600 mg/dL) appears to affect some serum samples by lowering the ISRs.

Additional Information A convalescent specimen is recommended to help determine recency of infection. When submitted separately, be sure to identify the previously submitted specimen by the VRDL accession number so that the acute and convalescent specimens may be linked, tested to endpoint and interpreted as a pair.
VRDL Points of Contact Medical and Epidemiology Liaisons: (510) 307-8585 or​​​
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