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Dengue Types 1-4 Virus Detection - PCR​

Information CategoryInformation Detail
Supplemental Information RequestedRequested: Travel history, disease onset date, collection date, previous arbovirus test results
Submittal FormSpecimens must be accompanied with a hard copy of the completed VRDL General Purpose Specimen Submittal Form​ or a form generated in the VRDL Lab Web P​​ortal.
Methodology (Commercial Test Name or Laboratory Developed Test (LDT))Real-time RT-PCR (LDT) (Diagnostic) which distinguishes dengue type (type 1, 2, 3, or 4)
Reflex TestingNone
Acceptable Specimen Type(s) and Collection Method

Human specimens:

  • Serum or whole blood in red top or red/gray top serum separator tubes
  • Plasma or whole blood in EDTA (lavender top) tubes
Minimum Volume Requested​
  • Serum: 1 mL
  • Whole blood in serum separator tubes: 5 mL
  • Plasma: 1mL
  • Whole blood in EDTA whole blood tubes: 5 mL
Transport Medium (if using)Not Applicable
Specimen LabelingEach specimen tube must be labeled with at least two unique patient identifiers, e.g., patient full name and date of birth.
Storage & Preservation of Specimen / Shipping Conditions
  • Serum: freeze (preferred) or refrigerate specimens after collection.
  • Plasma: maintain on ice or in a refrigerator for no longer than 2 hours before it is frozen.
  • Whole blood: refrigerate specimens promptly after collection. Do not freeze whole blood.

Ship refrigerated specimens to VRDL on cold packs. Ship frozen specimens to VRDL on dry ice.

Shipping Instructions
​Work with your local public health department to ensure samples are packaged according to instructions for Biological Substance – Category B (UN 3373) shipment.

Ship specimens and a hard copy of the completed submittal forms to: 


ATTN: Specimen Receiving

850 Marina Bay Parkway Richmond, CA 94804

Phone: 510-307-8585

​Turnaround Time
​10 Business Days

​Negative result does not preclude the possibility of infection
​Additional Information
​Specimens should be collected as close to illness onset as possible and no longer than 7 days after onset unless timing of onset is unclear or the sample previously tested positive for dengue by PCR and typing requested.
​VRDL Points of Contact
Medical and Epidemiology Liaisons: (510) 307-8585 or

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