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CaLifornia Reportable Disease Information Exchange

Provider Portal (PP)

The Provider Portal module provides secure access for healthcare providers to electronically submit Confidential Morbidity Reports (CMRs), required by California Code of Regulations (CCR), Title 17, Section 2500 directly to Local Health Departments (LHD). CMRs received via the PP are available in real-time to local health staff for investigation and follow-up, thus reducing the burden of data entry at the local level and increasing the timeliness of reporting.  

Currently, providers from almost all LHDs throughout California are reporting to CalREDIE via the PP, and the expansion efforts are ongoing. The CalREDIE team provides assistance to LHDs who are interested in recruiting and training providers. If you are from a LHD that is interested in receiving PP onboarding assistance from the CalREDIE team, please contact

Provider Portal implementation can be divided into two steps:

1. Provider Outreach:

  • CalREDIE staff provides LHDs with outreach and training materials.
  • LHDs recruit and train providers to use the PP.

2. Provider Account Set-up:

  • PP users submit a Reporter/Provider Account Request Form to their LHD.
  • Designated LHD staff approve the form and submit it to CalREDIE Help.
  • CalREDIE Help creates the account and notifies the PP user of their username and password.
  • PP user can begin using the PP.

For additional information on how to start using the Provider Portal module, please consult the documentation below.

Please contact CalREDIE Help at 1866-866-1428 or with any questions.

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