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Note: This Guidance is no longer in effect and is for historical purposes only.​​

School Liaison Toolkit

​​A set of tools

This toolkit provides school personnel with information and resources to support the school's response if there is a COVID-19 exposure in the school community.

Toolkit Sections (English)

  1. Getting Started and Contract Tracing (PDF)
  2. Key Terms (PDF)
  3. Decision Tree (PDF) 
  4. Printable Contact Form (PDF)
  5. Decision Tree for Sick Child or Positive COVID Test in Child Care (PDF)
  6. Decision Tree for COVID-19 Exposures to Children in Child Care (PDF)

Conjunto de Herramientas en Español

  1. Introducción y Rastreo de Contactos (PDF)
  2. Términos Clave (PDF)
  3. Árbol de Decisiones (PDF)

Originally published: 4/7/2021