COVID-19-Testing-Programs COVID-19 Testing Programs

COVID-19 Testing Programs

​Free Testing Programs for Community Organizations 

Testing Task Force (TTF) has programs to help community organizations make free testing available to people who are uninsured and others with limited access to health care. Examples include shelters, agricultural organizations, migrant services, food banks, outreach programs, in-home care.

Treatments are now available for COVID-19. Uninsured or vulnerable people who test positive through our program can access free telehealth services for medications to reduce severe disease and deaths. To learn more or to apply to a testing program visit CDPH Testing Task Force Testing Programs

Free Testing Programs for DSS Facilities

TTF also has programs to help Department of Social Services Licensed Facilities establish free testing programs. Examples include nursing homes and day programs for the elderly.  To learn more or to apply to a testing program visit CDPH Testing Task Force Testing Programs

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