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​Accessing the COVID-19 Vaccine             CAIR LOGO

Status of Your Patients 

CAIR2 is currently experiencing unprecedented levels of electronic data traffic due to the COVID-91 pandemic. Not only are we receiving very large numbers of incoming COVID-19 vaccine doses (VXUs) but we are also receiving even larger numbers of electronic patient queries (QBPs) seeking information on patient COVID-19 vaccine status.

While we are attempting to find ways to accommodate these dramatic increases in electronic traffic, we will continue to prioritize the processing of incoming doses over incoming patient queries.

Access to patient COVID-19 vaccine status remains available in CAIR2 through either direct patient lookup or internal reporting. The most useful report to run is the Ad Hoc List Report. This report can be customized to return a variety of patient and vaccine fields. To ensure this report runs successfully, limit the number of fields exported to only those necessary. While this report will include current as well as former patients, it will return a patient’s COVID-19 vaccine status, including dates of any administered vaccine doses and which CAIR2 COVID-19 vaccinator administered the vaccine. These reports are downloadable but reports containing very large numbers of patients will not export successfully so for larger clinics, try shorter administration date time spans. See Guidance on Running a COVID-19 Vaccine Ad Hoc List Report (PDF) that returns a list of current and former patients, their COVID-19 vaccine status, and where and when they were vaccinated. ​

Patients Needing 2nd Dose 

To determine which of your patients require a second dose, see Guidance on Determining Which of Your Patients Needs a 2nd Dose of COVID-19 Vaccine (PDF). 

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