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Lead Week Resources

Lead Week is a national, annual campaign during the last full week of October to bring awareness to and prevent childhood lead exposure. Everyone is encouraged to get involved with Lead Week by participating in events and sharing resources about preventing childhood lead poisoning. This page is dedicated to previous years’ campaign resources. To learn more about lead poisoning and how to prevent exposure, visit the Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Branch’s (CLPPB’s) Frequently Asked Questions and Lead Education Materials. To request a copy of the slide deck for any of the sessions, please email


Theme: Protect your family from all sources of lead air pollution, including aircraft and shooting ranges.
CLPPB’s Lead Week 2023 webinar series highlighted important information about lead air pollution. A recording of each webinar session is available below. Outreach materials are available about lead air pollution (PDF) and lead in aviation gas (PDF).

Webinar from California Department of Public Health, Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Branch

This presentation provides an overview of statewide efforts around addressing the dangers of lead air pollution.

Webinar from EarthJustice

This presentation provides information about role of environmental and community groups in bringing change at the federal level, EPA's proposed endangerment finding for leaded aviation gas, and what it means for the future of leaded aviation gas.

Webinar from San Diego Pediatricians for Clean Air

This presentation discusses policy change in reducing leaded aviation gas, how it supports community health, and the importance of advocacy work.

Webinar from Santa Clara Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Branch and CLPPB

This presentation provides information about State and local efforts to educate communities about the impacts of leaded aviation gas and ways to protect families’ health.
View the recording from Santa Clara County and CLPPB


Theme: Protect your family from lead in drinking water, especially during lead service line replacement.

CLPPB’​​s Lead Week 2022 webinar series highlighted important lead poisoning prevention around lead in drinking water and during lead service line replacement. A recording of each webinar session is available below.

Webinar from Lead Service Line Replacement Collaborative

Presents reso​​​u​rces to help communities develop and implement replacement programs, including a “matchmaking survey” to connect health departments and drinking water utilities and materials on enhancing equity in lead service line replacement.

View the webinar recording from the Lead Service Line Replacement Collaborative

Webinar from California Department of Public Health, Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Branch and California State Water Resources Control Board, Division of Drinking Water

Topics include why lead is dangerous, lead in drinking water, program activities, and lead service line replacement happening in some California communities.

View the webinar recording from CLPPB and Division of Drinking Water

​Webinar from California Department of Social Services and California State University, Sacramento, Office of Water Programs

Provides information about the California Day Care Facilities Act including California Health and Safety Code requirements, best practices, and funding opportunities available to licensed childcare facilities.​

View the webinar recording from the Department of Social Services and Sacramento State


Theme: Even small amounts of lead can harm a child’s health. Ask your child’s doctor about a blood lead test.

CLPPB’s Lead Week 2021 webinar series highlighted important lead poisoning prevention work taking place throughout the state of California. A recording of each webinar session is available below.

Webinar for Local Health Programs

Alameda and Fresno County Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Programs present their efforts to prevent childhood lead poisoning in their communities and how they work in conjunction with other local health programs to carry out their mission and objectives.

View the webinar recording for local health programs

Webinar for Health Care Providers

The local Pediatric Environmental Health Specialty Unit (PEHSU) and the California Poison Control System provide innovative strategies for protecting children and families from toxic lead exposure.

View the webinar recording for health care providers

Webinar for Parents and Community Members

Lead expert, Dr. Jill Johnston, from the University of Southern California, presents about what lead is, how it impacts children’s health, how to prevent lead poisoning, and how parents can get involved in their communities.

View the webinar recording for parents and community members

Webinar for California Licensed Child Care Facilities and Child Care Providers

The California Department of Social Services discusses the new California Day Care Facilities Act, which sets forth new requirements for testing drinking water for lead. This session provides up-to-date information and requirements for lead testing and funding opportunities for protecting children from lead in drinking water.

View the webinar recording for child care facilities and child care providers

Webinar for Environmental Professionals

Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Orange County Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Programs share best practices for environmental professionals for collaborating with local code enforcement agencies, conducting proactive rental inspections, and collaborating with local communities experiencing environmental injustice.

View the webinar recording for environmental professionals

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