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Lead Poisoning

A young child smiles while being held by the mother during a visit to the doctorA worker with full protective gear, including goggles and a respiratory face mask, holding a blowtorch next to a lead hazard warning signA happy and healthy African-American family at home with mother, father, and two small childrenHome painter kneeling beside cans of paint at a work site

Preventing Lead Poisoning in Children and Adults

Lead is a toxic metal that has been used in many products over time. Even in small amounts, lead can have harmful effects on the body, which may lead to lifelong learning, behavioral, reproductive, cardiovascular, and other health problems. While many leaded products have been phased out, lead may still be found in and around older homes and buildings, in certain occupations and hobbies, and some consumer products, remedies, and foods. Lead poisoning is one of the most common environmental illnesses in California, but is completely preventable.

For more information about lead poisoning and prevention, please visit the Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Branch or the Occupational Lead Poisoning Prevention Program websites, or choose from the links provided below.

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