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 Violence Prevention Initiative (VPI) Reports and Documents


Data Brief 1: Overview of Homicide and Suicide Deaths in California (PDF) Updated 11/15/19.  This report presents data on violent deaths, utilizing the CDPH Vital Statistics Death Files, in order to provide a foundation of information around the nature of the problem and to support continuing dialogue around opportunities for preventing violence in California.



 Violence Prevention Initiative overview and accomplishments fact sheet (PDF).

Violence%20Prevention%20Report%20Cover Preventing Violence in California Volume 1: The Role of Public Health (PDF) - This report provides an introduction to the complex and multifaceted issue of violence and a high level overview of the public health role and approach to violence prevention.
VPI%20Convening%20Summary%20Cover%20SM Violence Prevention Initiative: Public Health Convening Summary (PDF)  - On June 6th, 2018, CDPH hosted the Violence Prevention Initiative: Public Health Convening in Sacramento. This convening was a gathering of public health leaders and local champions brought together to start a conversation about developing a shared agenda to prevent violence in California. This document is a summary of the conversations that took place during this convening.
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