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california's approach to the opioid epidemic

This webpage will expire in 2023. Please see our new Overdose Prevention Initiative site.

The opioid epidemic continues to evolve and impose a serious threat to the health of all individuals throughout the state. In order to effectively address the opioid epidemic, it is important to recognize that opioid abuse and overdose is closely tied to other trends in the state. As California has seen rising rates of social inequities, homelessness, mental illness, and despair, the state also has seen an increase in opioid abuse, addiction, and overdose deaths, especially among those most marginalized in our society.

The California Department of Public Health (CDPH) is working with its partners across sectors to comprehensively address the opioid epidemic. These collaborative efforts have impacted the opioid epidemic in many areas, such as policy change and program interventions.

This webpage illustrates California's approach to address the opioid epidemic, provides recent data pertaining to this issue, promotes educational campaigns, and produces various tools and resources for many different individuals and organizations.

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