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This webpage will expire in 2023. Please see our new Overdose Prevention Initiative site.

RiskareRealTheRisksAreReal Campaign

The goal of the TheRisksAreReal campaign is to encourage consumers to speak with their providers, increase awareness about the dangers of prescription opioid medications, treatment options, and to promote safe storage practices. The campaign targets rural adults 25 years and older who acquire opioids from licensed prescribers. The campaign has developed public service announcements, a campaign toolkit, and resources (i.e., how to get naloxone, and a toll-free number that provides county-level treatment resources).


Older Adults Opioid Response and Education Campaign

In 2017, there were 797 opioid-related deaths among the senior population (50-74 years old). This accounts for 36% of all opioid-related deaths in the state that year. For this reason, the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) developed a senior-specific campaign. The goal of this campaign is to raise awareness of the dangers of prescription pain medications in a way that has personal resonance to regular users so that they will take steps to safely manage their medications and pain, as well as their dependence. The campaign will acknowledge the realities of those in chronic pain who feel they need prescription opioids to remain functional in their later life.


Opioids + Pregnancy Campaign

The target audience for the Opioids + Pregnancy campaign is women who are pregnant or planning pregnancy.  The goal is to educate women about opioids – why they are prescribed, common names for opioid medications and the dangers of opioid use while pregnant. The messaging is designed to relay this important information without frightening women into stopping opioid use on their own as this can be harmful to the unborn baby. Women are directed to resources for additional information and assistance. The campaign includes a public service announcement, brochure, posters and social media posts, in both English and Spanish.


chooseCAChoose Change California

To increase access to Medicated Assisted Treatment (or MAT), the Department of Health Care Services has developed the Choose Change California campaign to treat opioid addiction. The campaign promotes comprehensive counseling services and connects individuals to community resources, with the goal of addressing opioid use disorder.

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