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 California Violent Death Reporting System (CalVDRS)

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A more comprehensive view of violent deaths is now possible in California

Having accurate and detailed information about violent deaths is the first step to prevention. Public health departments, law enforcement, coroners and medical examiners all collect valuable information about violent deaths, but frequently these data remain in separate systems.

The California Department of Public Health was funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to participate in the National Violent Death Reporting System (NVDRS) to compile information on violent deaths beginning with 2017 deaths.

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    CalVDRS combines data on violent deaths from various data providers (i.e., vital records, law enforcement, and coroners/medical examiners) in one secure and confidential database.
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    Violent deaths include suicides, homicides, and deaths by legal intervention. CalVDRS also includes deaths of undetermined intent and unintentional firearm deaths.
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    CalVDRS enables us to integrate data reports to piece together a more complete picture of the circumstances and underlying causes of violent deaths, to track trends in communities across California, and to translate these findings into actionable information for local and state action.
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    Related deaths can be linked (e.g., incidents with multiple homicides or homicides followed by suicide).
Flowchart showing how CalVDRS combines data from law enforcement, coroners and medical examiners, and death certificates into one secure and confidential database.


  • Brief narrative of circumstances
  • Details on weapon
  • Suspect data and relationship to victim
  • Critical stressors in victim’s life
  • Risk factors
  • Previous criminal history
  • Presence of suicide note

Medical Examiner

  • Brief narrative of incident
  • Circumstances of injury
  • Toxicology reports
  • Weapon information
  • Wound location
  • Medical history


  • Victim demographic data
  • Cause/manner of death
  • Work-related status
  • Pregnancy status
  • Veteran status

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