Scientific-Safety-Review-Workgroup Scientific Safety Review Workgroup

​Note: This guidance is no longer in effect and is for historical purposes only.​​

Scientific Safety Review Workgroup

​​​​To ensure the COVID-19 vaccine meets safety requirements, California formed the Scientific Safety Review Workgroup comprised of nationally recognized immunization, public health, academic and other subject matter experts. The workgroup stays informed about vaccine candidate(s) trials, evidence of safety and efficacy, and other information to independently provide recommendations to California leadership regarding vaccine planning efforts and to ensure public confidence in vaccine safety, efficacy, and implementation efforts.  In October, this group was expanded to include Western State partners.

Member List


  • Tomás Aragón, MD, DrPH, Director & State Health Officer, California Department of Public Health 

  • Oliver Brooks, MD, Watts Health

  • Eric Goosby, MD, UC San Francisco

  • Rodney Hood, MD, National Medical Association

  • Nicola Klein, MD, Kaiser Permanente, Northern California

  • Grace Lee, MD, Stanford Children’s Health

  • Yvonne Bonnie Maldonado, MD, Stanford University

  • Arthur Reingold, MD, Chair, UC Berkeley

  • Mark Sawyer, MD, UC San Diego

  • Rob Schechter, MD, California Department of Public Health

  • Peter Szilagyi, MD, UC Los Angeles

  • Matt Zahn, MD, Orange County Health Care Agency

Western States Partners Representatives:

Washington State:

  • John Dunn, MD, Kaiser Permanente Washington

  • Edgar Marcuse, MD, University of Washington


  • Laura Byerly, MD, Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Center

  • Louis Picker, MD, OHSU


  • Ihsan Azzam, MD, Ph.D., Chief Medical Officer, State of Nevada

  • Kyle Devine, Bureau of Child, Family and Community Wellness

  • Kristy Zigenis , COVID-19 Vaccine Manager