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Occupational Lead poisoning prevention program

Occupational Lead Poisoning Fee Program

The Occupational Lead Poisoning (OLP) Fee is paid by employers in industries where lead is used, altered, or disturbed. The Fee was established by Senate Bill 240 (Ch. 798, Statutes of 1991) adding section 105185, et seq. to the California Health and Safety Code (PDF). The list of 110 OLP Fee paying industries (PDF)is based on a documented history of lead poisoning in each industry. As of July 2017, the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration (CDTFA, formerly BOE) administers the Occupational Lead Poisoning Prevention Fee Program in partnership with the Occupational Lead Poisoning Prevention Program  (OLPPP).

Questions about the Occupational Lead Poisoning Fees​ ​

All questions regarding OLP Fee returns, OLP Fee Waiver eligibility, fees owed, requirements for companies that were out of business in 2020, and Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) coding should be directed to the CDTFA. Much of this information is available at the CDTFA lead fee web page or in CDTFA Publication 94: Occupational Lead Poisoning Prevention Fee (PDF). CDTFA can be reached at (800) 400-7115 (in California) or (916) 322-9534 (from outside California), or by fax at (916) 327-0859. Additional contact information for CDTFA is in Question 11 below.

OLPPP reviews and processes the OLP Fee Waiver applications. Frequently Asked Questions regarding OLP Fee Waiver applications are listed below

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