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Worker Injury Prevention Program

Two men struggle while lifting a heavy box from behind a large cargo delivery truck.The Worker Injury Prevention Program (WIPP) identifies work-related injuries and workplace hazards in California, and develops injury prevention recommendations to keep our state's workforce safe and on the job.

In 2017, 467,000 workers in California suffered injuries that were serious enough to cause them to miss work.

David is one such worker. He stocks shelves at a large warehouse. One evening, while standing on the third rung from the top of a ladder, he leaned way over to place a large box on the top shelf. He lost his balance, falling 10 feet to the concrete floor, and broke his leg. His injuries impacted his ability to work as well as his family's finances and well-being.

The Worker Injury Prevention Program:

  • Investigates worksites to identify hazards and make recommendations for prevention
  • Collects information about workers injured on the job and workplace risks
  • Partners with labor, employers, and community organizations to share injury prevention strategies
  • Educates workers, employers, and the public about workplace injury prevention

Focus Areas

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