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Occupational Health Watch: September 2017

New Video on Protecting Oil & Gas Workers

A new video is now available to reduce oil and gas worker injuries and fatalities from exposure to toxic gases during tank gauging. The video is a collaboration of the Occupational Health Branch (OHB) and the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH). You can watch a short preview, or the full-length video.

There are thousands of workers employed in oil and gas extraction in California – a workforce that is critical to the energy infrastructure of the nation. Workers at oil tank sites can be exposed to hydrocarbon gases and vapors, oxygen-deficient atmospheres, fires, and explosions when they open tank hatches to manually gauge (measure) fluid levels or collect fluid samples. These preventable exposures can have immediate health effects, including loss of consciousness and death.

OHB's Fatality Assessment Control and Evaluation (FACE) Program has additional videos to educate workers and employers on how to prevent on-the-job injuries and fatalities. Videos and supporting materials can be found on the FACE Digital Stories Page.


Watch Preview Video

Watch Full-Length Video

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