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Occupational Health Watch: January 2015

Using Videos to Reduce Work Injuries

dental-hygiene-ergonomicsShelly is a former clinical dental hygienist forced to change careers after suffering a disabling work-related back injury.

Ursula had been practicing dental hygiene for two years before on-the-job wrist pain made her pay more attention to holding her dental instruments correctly.

Michael is a dental hygienist who used better body positioning and strength training to eliminate work-related shoulder pain.

All three are featured in a new video series for training dental hygienists on simple steps to reduce the risk for on-the-job injuries. The series is the latest OHB use of "digital storytelling" to bring a workplace health and safety issue to life.

Dental hygienists and dentists are at high risk for injuries caused by wear and tear to the tendons, nerves, muscles, and joints. Dental offices are among the employers applying ergonomic principles to design or arrange the workplace to prevent injuries.

"Dental Hygiene and Ergonomics Video Series: Pain is NOT in the Job Description" was produced by OHB in partnership with the University of California, Berkeley, Ergonomics Program and the California Dental Hygienists' Association.


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